The Mermaid Sisterhood

If your spark has fizzled out lately or you’re going through one of those big life transitions, come kick up your heels in the tropical beauty of the Costa Rican Jungle and reclaim your enthusiasm for life and trust in your path!


Costa Rica | October 24 – 29th, 2020

The next chapter of your life starts here!

You are about to enter one of the most life-changing experiences of your life. An experience that has the power to uncover your creative spirit and show you the most potent gifts you have to offer. In a culture that is spinning out of control, this is your salvation.

“The Best Worldwide Wellness Retreats to Relax & Reset in 2020”

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I see you…


Maybe you have been feeling exhausted, overextended, spent, your radiance feels like it’s drunk under a table in Tijuana somewhere. Maybe you’re tired of trying to make everyone happy, have had your heartbroken, or feel stuck and just finally want to feast on the amazing wonder of who you really are.

Your intuit has led you to the right place. The Mermaid Sisterhood wakes up that spark of brightness deep inside, This is the retreat that brings out the ecstatically, happy aliveness, that’s been there all along. . .



5 incredible days at a stunning Balinese bungalow by the sparkling clean, tropical Costa Rican ocean. Listening to the Scarlett Macaws at dawn, surfing the waves of Hermosa Beach, eating ripe papaya, sipping fresh coconut smoothies, doing yoga to the sound of howler monkeys, and telling your story to a tribe of supportive new sisters who will turn into not only your biggest fans but life long friends.

The Mermaid Sisterhood was created to show you the way back to your core essence, that glowing easeful self that brings the world to you, rather than you having to reach for it.

This isn’t just luxury…


I love luxury and this retreat is verrrry luxe.

It’s also deep. The teachings you’ll encounter during these 5 days in Costa Rica are based on radical insights gained from a dozen years of spiritual study and exploration.

The techniques you learn shift your perspective, you will vibrate in a higher place than most people ever know. You will experience genuine abundance,

Women who have been through this retreat leave with the ability to attract sweet love, engage in true friendship, and invite exciting invitations and opportunities into their lives.

The Mermaid Sisterhood was created to show you the way back to your core essence, that glowing easeful self that brings the world to you, rather than you having to reach for it.

Anxiety and exhaustion disappear as freedom and inspiration become your compass directing you to a life you love!

You will nourish your radiance with:


Enjoy 3 delicious organic, locally-sourced, plant-based (with some fresh fish), nutrient dense meals a day. You will also be treated to delicious detox elixirs selected to clean your liver, strengthen your kidneys, and reduce inflammation.

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Spiritual Awareness

You’ll come away with:
• A radical shift in perspective along with powerful techniques that will empower you and boost your confidence so that you can navigate life’s transitions with greater ease and grace.

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Discover the inspired creator inside you with daily Gateless writing salons–no experience required!

Why? Because even if you aren’t currently putting pen to paper

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Flow state is your ticket to the present moment (the only place joy exists!)

Δ Surfing is far more than an entertaining sport; it’s a power experiential therapy. As you learn to navigate the ever changing tides of the mother ocean you reprogram your neurotransmitters to ride the waves of your on-land life with the ease and grace, you gained in the water,

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Yoga & Breathwork

Connect to your breath and your physical body with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Using guided meditation, energy medicine tools, mantra (sounds), gentle yoga movement and we will open and balance our chakras. Together, we will gain a deeper sense of feeling our energy centers and explore how these subtle energies are a part of us.

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Find your tribe

There are few things as nurturing, empowering and rare as a having a genuine sisters who your back through the ups and downs of life. Despite this time of constant connection, people are feeling more alone than ever before. The Mermaid Sisterhood’s unique process bonds women hailing from different places and spaces in life in an easy organic way to create life long friendships.

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“To say this retreat changed my life would be the understatement of the century…Since the retreat, I’ve fallen in love, created an amazing community of conscious sisters, and have been promoted 3 times! But most exciting … I’ve fallen in love with myself.”

-Claire McClung: Fashion Exec, Philly PA

What’s Included


The retreat begins at 10am on October 24th and ends at 10am on the 29th.
You cover the travel to get to and from the retreat, and The Mermaid Sisterhood covers EVERYTHING while you are at the retreat!.


As the gate to your 5 Star Balinese Oasis slides open, your heart rate slows and you feel your body relax. The sweet smell of hibiscus and the breathtaking beauty of this hidden treasure welcomes you back to nature.

Nestled amongst traveler palms and bananas plants, Casas De Agua’s elegance is the perfect backdrop for this intimate, secluded retreat. Just a few footsteps away from sparkling pacific (Voted #4 best beach (FORBES) in Costa Rica!)
deep comfort and relaxation you long for. All rooms are shared with one fellow mermaid. If you have someone that you’d like to room with please let me know!

You’ll experience the magic of nature in an elegant, minimalist atmosphere with all the luxuries and benefits women like us appreciate!.

Yes, I’m ready to register!


Costa Rica | October 24 – 29th, 2020


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