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A retreat is a very intimate experience. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, please answer the following questions so I can get to know your better and make sure it’s a good fit.

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“Best investment I’ve ever made. Self-love gets thrown around a lot but what does it even mean? I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I had no clue until this retreat. I discovered parts of myself that I was so disconnected from, I honestly didn’t know they existed. Parts that I love. Who would’ve thought I LOVE writing and would be writing a book? Not me. Who would have thought I’d be speaking on stages? Not me! Emily is the real deal. She walks her talk, and elevates everyone with encouragement, love and seriously game changing shifts in perspective. And the laughs… we laughed so fckn hard. Thanks for everything my soul sista! You know I’ll be back!”

-Jenny Jiles, Los Angeles

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